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My Swatches of the Twilight x Colourpop collection

Here are my swatches of the Twilight x Colourpop Collection! I wasn’t sure if I was going to get this collection in PR. I don’t think I was gonna get it, however when Colourpop started dropping hints I asked my PR contact if they would send it to me. I may have begged a little, as well. Haha, she is pretty awesome and she did send it over! <3 First off, here are some photos of the products themselves…. Here are my swatches of the entire collection. Well, I don’t have images of the “Like Diamonds” Sol Body dry shimmering oil, but I do show how that looks on the skin in a instagram reel / tik tok video I posted. Click images to enlarge. The Eyeshadow Palette   My thoughts on the collection: I know a lot of people were unhappy about the color story, thinking that maybe this collection would be inspired by the entire Twilight Saga. However, it’s very obvious from the color story that they only focused on the FIRST Twilight film for this collection. I would not put it past Colourpop to expand on the Twilight Collection and release collections inspired by the rest of the films in the future. The Palette – The eyeshadow palette¬†swatched very nicely for me. There were no patchy shades and nothing hard panned for me. My favorite shades from the palette are Edward, The Cullens, Lion & Lamb and Irresistible. The Super Shock Highlighters – They are both very […]