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Welcome to our site! Please excuse as we try to get our shit together. We’re hoping to get this site up and running soon. 😉 Our names are Melanie and Erin and we are two friends who spend too much time with our faces pressed to our iPads/iPhones reading books on our kindle/ibooks/nook apps. 😉 We’ve decided since we read a lot, and we usually tend to read the same books that maybe we should start a book blog.  So here we are!! We’re totally amateur and probably won’t do too many well thought out book reviews..but that’s ok, because really we’re just looking for an outlet to rant and rave about the books we read and maybe start up some discussions, make friends, and just let it all out! Thank you for checking out our site and we hope that you’ll come back again! Don’t forget to “LIKE” us on Facebook and “Follow” us on Twitter and Tumblr! Thanks!   xx Melanie & Erin