Twilight x Colourpop Launches 1/11/24 at 10AM PST on

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Twilight x Colourpop

Colourpop Cosmetics is releasing a collection in collaboration with Lion’s Gate Films for the Twilight movie. Last week Colourpop started hinting at their upcoming collection. Immediately people started guessing Twilight just by the one image they posted first, which was a photo of a blood red liquid lip product dripping with a very Twilightesque background and a drop of blood in the caption. The next day the showed a video of what I am assuming is a Sol Body shimmering dry oil, with the caption, “It’s like diamonds..” If you’re a Twilight fan this instantly confirmed an impending Twilight collection.

“It’s like Diamonds.. you’re beautiful.” – Bella Swan
“Beautiful? This is the skin of a killer, Bella.” – Edward Cullen

A couple of days ago the Instagram MUA, @denneserodriguez, posted a reel where you can see that she is using a TWILIGHT palette and at closer glance you can see ‘COLOURPOP’ on the palette as well.
Tonight, Sunday, January 7th, Colourpop posted a reel annoucing that Twilight x Colourpop will launch on January 11th, 2024. I am assuming it will launch at their normal launch time of 10am PST on It will also launch on the ULTA.COM website on 1/14/24 as well.

Here is what we know will be in the collection so far:

  • Palette
  • Shimmering Dry Oil
  • 3 Lux Lip Oils
  • 2 Super Shock Highlighters


  • 💎 Team Edward | A deep rich blue with silver pinpoints inspired by Edward’s navy-like style in the movie
  • 🩸 Bells | A vampy blackened red reflecting Edward’s attraction to her scent
  • 🐺 Team Jacob | A sheer black with silver pinpoints representing Jacob’s jet black hair


  • 🌾 Meadow | Opalescent duo- chrome lavender with multi-dimensional pinpoints representing the flowers from the meadow scenes
  • 💎 Vampire Skin | Icy white with sparkling multi-dimensional pinpoints inspired by Edward’s sparkling skin


Other images of the Twilight x Colourpop collection that have been shared over the last few days…

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