What the….

Posted April 25, 2015 by Erin in Blogs, Rants / 0 Comments

After watching Grey’s Anatomy last night I may just be done. As Meredith has been known to say…. SERIOUSLY?

Ok, visit this site can someone please tell me WHY MEREDITH DID NOT CALL DEREK’S SISTER, who you guys all know is also a Neurosurgeon, and have her come up to the hospital for Derek’s last few minutes..Not only that but MAYBE as a second opinion? I don’t give two shits if Patrick Dempsey wanted out of the show or not, that would have made it seem more .. I don’t know, realistic maybe?

WHAT IS MEREDITH GOING TO DO? What the hell is going on with the show? Is it going to be renewed for a 12th season? WHY? Why couldn’t Shonda ended the show now and give Meredith & Derek a HEA. Ugh, so many questions. Also, is Meredith going to go back to being dark & twisty now that she like seriously doesn’t have her PEOPLE anymore? The only person left is KAREV. Cristina better come to the funeral if she’s still Meredith’s person. She can totally make a guest appearance for that. I also think it’d be nice to see Izzy too..because you know…Derek saved her life at one time.

Ah well, we shall see what happens…



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