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Extremely Famous Release Celebration Giveaway!Extremely Famous by Heather Leigh
Series: Famous #3
Published by Shelbyville on August 24th, 2014
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Format: eARC
Source: Author
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Sydney Tannen has been living in denial for the last 12 years. Now that she's making a life with Drew Forrester, hiding from her past is no longer an option.

An emotional reunion with her father brings Sydney a peaceful feeling that she hasn't experienced in a long time. Her contentment vanishes quickly with a single phone call. When Sydney finds out that Drew is keeping something huge from her, she throws herself into work to avoid facing the problem. 

The stress of Drew's secret, combined with 12 years of carefully constructed denial, comes crashing down spectacularly and Sydney ends up in a hopeless place, alone and afraid. Can she accept her past and face the future? Or is it easier to remain in the dark?

A few months ago I received a review request from an author by the name of Heather Leigh for a book called Relatively Famous (read review). I read the synopsis and jumped on the chance to read this book. She then sent it to me and I DEVOURED THIS BOOK. I couldn’t put it down.  I have since devoured the sequels to this book and have enjoyed the rest of the series immensely.

Heather Leigh does a good job of keeping us entertained with this series.  The characters in this series are well written, well developed and easy to fall in love with. She doesn’t make Sydney and Drew’s relationship easy, they have a lot of hoops to jump through and issues to deal with before the find their Happily Ever After.

While it seems that Sydney and Drew’s story comes to a close in Extremely Famous, The Famous series is far from done! I do believe Heather Leigh will be giving us the stories of some of the other characters that we’ve grown to love in this series as well. I can’t wait to see what she will bring to the table with these other characters!

The Famous Series

relatively famousRelatively Famous (Famous #1) by Heather Leigh
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This is NOT your average Hollywood romance. There are no virgins falling in love with hot actors. There isn’t a famous guy falling for the normal girl next door. 

What there IS in this book, is a fragile, damaged girl and the sexy alpha who rescues her. 

Sydney Allen is trying to be your average 24 year old New Yorker. It’ s hard to be average though when your mother is Evangeline Allen, an Oscar winning actress known as “America’ s Sweetheart” to moviegoers across the globe. It’ s even harder to be average when your dad is Reid Tannen, Hollywood Bad Boy and one of the highest paid actors in the world. 
Their divorce when Sydney was 12 years old was set off by a series of haunting incidents that left Sydney scarred mentally and physically. Hollywood destroyed her parents’ marriage and almost destroyed her. She hasn’ t owned a TV, read magazines or watched movies since the divorce, refusing to take part in an industry that brought her so much pain. 
Now 12 years after her mother took her from LA and hid her in New York to keep her safe, no one but her best friend Leah knows who Sydney is or that her parents are famous movie stars and she’ s determined to keep it that way. She guards her identity fanatically, not letting anyone get close enough to her to find out who she is. 
When Sydney meets the gorgeous but mysterious Drew Forrester at a rough MMA training gym one morning, her life changes. It’ s time for her to decide if he’ s worth sharing her secret with, or if she’ s better off being alone forever. Or maybe she’ ll find out that she’ s not the only one hiding something. Dating Drew, Sydney is forced to confront all of her fears at once; celebrity, fame, tabloids, stalkers. Can she survive another high profile exposure to the world? 
*WARNING- contains graphic sexual content and language. This book is intended for adult readers 18+. 

This is a hot, celebrity filled, contemporary romance. Do not read if you don’t like alpha men, Hollywood scandals, ripped muscles, or erotic sex scenes. Enjoy! 

absolutely famous
Absolutely Famous (Famous #2) by Heather Leigh
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When 24 year-old Sydney Allen fell for the sexy Drew Forrester, it threw her life into chaos.
The daughter of Hollywood royalty, Sydney had been hiding her identity from the world since her parents’ tumultuous and very public divorce when she was 12.
Dating Drew forced her back into the spotlight to face some of her old demons. Now, she has to relearn how to live with the fame that she ran from for so long. Can her relationship with Drew survive the scrutiny?
When a media scandal that spans three countries and two continents threatens to destroy them and the people they love most, Sydney needs to decide if she’s strong enough to weather the storm that comes with being famous and loving Drew.


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