Book Boyfriend Battles #5 through #8! VOTE NOW!!

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Jericho Barrons vs Augustus Waters | Zsadist vs Ethan Blackstone
Dean Holder vs Roth | Max Stella vs Mason Kade


If you guys if you have a moment… If you could please fill out this form and tell me what you love about your favorite book boyfriends that haven’t gone up for the battle yet… that would be AMAZING and so very helpful! Thank you!. 😉 Woohoo!

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Match #5: Jericho Barrons vs Augustus Waters

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Amazon | B&N | iTunes

What fans have to say about Jericho Barrons…

“That no matter what, Barron gets the job done.” – Clare

“Got to love a compassionate dominant man who’s a beast in bed and in reality, intelligent and has style” – Alicia

“Now here’s a man that just the mere mention of his name, has you weak at the knees, sighing heavily and scratching “I HEART Barrons” into every available surface. He’s the source of heated fantasies, lustful longings and women everywhere would give anything to hear him utter their names. He is deliciously, wickedly, sensually, undeniably mouthwatering with an arrogance and darkness that makes him an EPIC character. Power drips off him by the bucket load with a confidence that totally backs up that swagger of his. Problem is .. that’s pretty much all we know about this sexy mystery and what he is. Facts about Barrons are very slim throughout the books… Oh loads of people know WHAT he is but they’re not saying because he has them all scared. Us poor readers must scrounge around for clues and subtle hints, piecing together whatever we can find with the hope that we’ll finally be able to pull Mac aside and whisper ‘OMGSH, I figured it out. Barrons is a…'” – The Bookish Snob

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Amazon | B&N | iTunes

What fans are saying about Augustus Waters

“I love that even when hazel tries to push him away to protect him he stands his ground and isn’t afraid to be with her even if it’s for a short while.” – Allana

“Augustus Waters has many strengths, one of these is his constant positivity, for example on page eleven he says, “I’ m on a roller coaster that only goes my friend”. His constant positivity helps him pull through the toughest of times. Another one of Augustus’ s strengths is his sense of humour; he’ s very fond of cracking a joke to ease the tension. Confidence is one of Augustus’ s main strengths, he is very confident in many social situations and isn’ t afraid to speak his mind. He is not afraid of what other people think of him and whether they might judge him or not. All though Augustus Waters has many strengths, he also has a few weaknesses, especially stubbornness, If he wants to do something we will make sure he ends up doing it, no matter what. Another weakness of Augustus is his ignorance. It’ s his deliberate ignorance that is his downfall. All in all Augustus Waters is a pretty fine guy.” – Anna Lee Clapin @ The Fault In Our Stars Blog



Match #6: Zsadist vs Ethan Blackstone

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What fans have to say about Zsadist…

” In spite of his hang-ups, Zsadist was no different. I adored his protective nature towards Bella, and most of all his selfless love that caused him to set aside his own fears and insecurities to place her needs above his own.” – The Hope Chest Reviews

“Zsadist. The name says it all. A deeply damaged character that instills fear in anyone that sees him. With his seething pitch black eyes, his towering, skeletal physique, his shaved skull, piercings, tattoos, and nasty jagged scar running down the middle of his face, you get the impressions that HE IS the nightmare vampire that all the horror stories warn you about. Full of hate, anger, and emotional disconnect. How could anyone ever try to even approach him, let alone, be attracted to him?” – Maryse


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Amazon | B&N | iTunes


What fans have to say about Ethan Blackstone…

“He is every bit as dominating, controlling, sexy and hot as you could want a male character to be. He is also sweet, passionate, tender and loving in all the right places.” – Jessica Loves Books

“Ethan is bold and dominating and he knows what he wants. He is a reserved gentleman in public and hot and aggressive and dominating when he and Brynne are in private. ” – Shh Mom’s Reading

Five Reasons Ethan Blackstone Would Make An Incredible Boyfriend (from Heroes & Heartbreakers)
Ethan Blackstone, an ex-Special Force officer, now the lead of a high end British security firm, had been given the job of protecting Brynne, an American student studying in London. At first he refuses, but then he sees her picture—and had to make her his girl—but keeping her safe is his first priory. Did I mention he is gorgeous? Besides the tall, dark and dangerous, thing he has going on, I learned there was more to Ethan Blackstone than persona and striking looks, and they are the qualities that make him a perfect boyfriend. 1. He loves with his whole heart and soul In All In, we get inside Ethan’ s head, and what a wonderful place it is. That man can love, even when his heart is torn to shreds. Emotional turmoil doesn’ t stop a man like Ethan; he never gives up on what he wants. He say “Sorry” when he is wrong and “I love you,” not only in bed. He is the type of man who shows the woman he loves just how much he adores her, and just how far he will go to keep her happy, health and safe. This loving man will embrace you while you cry; hold your hair off your face while you puke, and give you space when you need it. To Continue Reading this list, check out the post it came from on Heroes & Heartbreakers!



Match #7: Dean Holder vs Roth

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Amazon | B&N | iTunes

What fans have to say about Dean Holder…

“Dean Holder was absolutely amazing. With just a touch of bad boy, lickable dimples, a crooked smile and a tattoo, this moody, mysterious and endearing hot guy with a temper just utterly stole my heart.
Deeply protective and totally swoony but with a bad rep, he was so contradictory – warm, cold. Sweet, sharp.” – Aestas Book Blog

“In the midst of YA and NA bad boys Dean Holder is refreshing. He is basically an all around good guy dealing with some pretty traumatic crap. Yet, he has just enough of an edge to appeal to those who adore their bad boys.” – Caffeinated Book Reviewer
“He is such a romantic. Who can love and look for someone their whole life and not be an amazing person.” -Brandi Schattle


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Amazon | B&N | iTunes

What fans have to say about Roth…

“Roth is one of the swoon-worthiest guys ever. He is total bad-ass, snarky, his puns are matchless and loves Gun&Roses (he often hums Paradise City). However, he also has a gentle side and can be really protective and insecure. Anyways, he is always ready for a fight and he is not afraid of risk his own life, even if he gets to chain into the deepest bowlers of Hell, for others. I know it probably sounds a cliché, but if you have read the book, you know there is not another Roth. (Seriously read it. It’s worth it.)” – Cassidie Jhones (Her Blog: Rebook424)

“He is the perfect combination of bad boy, cocky, and sweet!” – Rebecca Wash




Match #8: Max Stella vs Mason Kade

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Amazon | B&N | iTunes

What fans have to say about Max Stella…

“Max is down-right delicious and at times, too-hot-for-own-good. He really raises the bar in terms of book boyfriend standards. Max is charming, sweet and will have you swooning off your feet in no time. His personality, British accent, and sexy good looks have put him at the top of my favorite book boyfriends list.” – Live, Love, Laugh & Read

“Max is someone that you fall in love with instantly. From the point where you realize he has a British accent, you just want to put him in your pocket. But Christina and Lauren did a very interesting thing with his character. He was first. First to fall in love, first to realize his feelings, and first to want it all. It’ s rare to see that in romance. And I loved that.” – Dark Faerie Tales


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Amazon | B&N | iTunes

What fans have to say about Mason Kade..

“He’s loyal, athletic, sexy and rich. He do anything to protect those he loves.” – Elizabeth Clark

“Where do I begin with him. SIGH. My author bestie told me I would love him b/c he’ s a major brute, alpha male (yadda yadda) you know what I mean and damn, she’ s right. I LOVE Mason. He is a book boyfriend and yes I even have dreams about him. Just half the shit he does in the book, you are thinking to yourself, Mason, can you do that to me?! He’ s arrogant, broody and kind of mysterious, but in the end he’ s passionate and loyal. Um… yes please.” – Jacqueline Reads

“Mason is cool and calculated. He’ s so incredibly hot and if he loves someone, he’ d do anything to protect them.” – Tiffani’s Reviews



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