Book Boyfriend Battle Royale BRACKET CHALLENGE!

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Hey Everyone! This coming May will be our FIRST BLOGOVERSARY! In celebration of our first year in the book blog world we are going to host a BOOK BOYFRIEND BATTLE ROYALE! There’ s nothing like watching a bunch of HOT & SWOONY BOYS duke it out. :D   We’re also going to be holding a BRACKET CHALLENGE (details below) for the readers as well!

Up until a few days ago we had over 300 book boyfriends! With the help of other book boyfriend fans, we were able to narrow down the list of Book Boyfriends to just 64 through a Preliminary Round (see results here.)

Now that we have our 64 Boys, it’s time for the fun stuff!

Has anyone here even been a part of a NCAA College Basketball March Madness Bracket Challenge? You know, where you fill out a bracket, pick & choose College Basketball Teams hoping that you’ll choose correctly to win the pot at the end of the challenge? Yes? No?

You are essentially predicting the outcome of the tournament when filling out a bracket. The Tournament (or Book Boyfriend Battle Royale in this case) does not start until MAY 1ST, 2014. You have up until 11:59pm on 4/30/14 to make your predictions as to who is going to win each poll in the BBBR. That’s what we are doing here. For each correct guess you will receive points. I believe the first round will be 1 point for each correct guess, the second round you get 5 points for each correct guess. By the end of the Tournament the person with the highest total points on their bracket will be the winner of the Bracket Challenge!

Well this is what the Book Boyfriend Battle Royale Bracket Challenge will be like. You’ll get to fill out a bracket, pick and choose your favorite book boyfriends! For each correct guess you’ll get awarded points and at the end of this bracket challenge the person with the highest number of points will win a PRIZE PACK (More details to come. Authors/Bloggers: Want to sponsor a prize to the prize pack?  see below ).

You will be allowed to fill out/edit your bracket up until 11:59 EST  on April 30th, 2014.
The Book Boyfriend Battle Royale will officially BEGIN ON MAY 1ST, 2014.
Tournament Schedule can be found here. The first round’s schedule is up!

Anyone have any questions? Please feel free to comment and ask.

Alright. Want to fill out your bracket? Ok.

1.) You must REGISTER
You must use an active email address. Your password will be sent there.

2.) Log In.
Once you’ve received your password, you must log in. You can change your password once you’ve logged in.

3.) Go to My Brackets (You can also find a link to this under “Book Boyfriend Battle Royale” on our Navigation bar!)
You can either VIEW or EDIT your bracket from the “My Brackets” Page.
This bracket right here is the scoring bracket. This is the one I will update with Winners after each poll is finished. 

Click to Enlarge Image.
Click to Enlarge Image.
Information on Book Boyfriends Listed:
Group 1 | Group 2 | Group 3 | Group 4


4.) Hit the “EDIT” Link listed next to your bracket.
There are 64 Book Boyfriends. They’ve been split up into FOUR groups (You’ll notice this if you check out the scoring bracket here.) and have been given a seed number. You’ll start out by picking your favorites from group 1, then move on to group 2, etc. If you’re not sure who a book boyfriend is listed, we have a complete list of the Book Boyfriends with Book/Series Names, Author’s Name, Goodreads Links and even Buy Now links located HERE. A link to it is also under “Book Boyfriend Battle Royale” on our Navigation bar. It called “Book Boyfriend Seed Info” there. 🙂 Edits will be allowed until 11:59pm on 4/30/14. After Midnight on 5/1/14 the brackets will be closed to editing.


5.) After you’ve gone through all four groups and chosen the winner under the “Finals” CLICK THE SAVE BUTTON!

After you’ve done that. YOU’RE DONE! Your bracket is all filled out!! All you have to do now is wait for the Polling to begin! The Polling Schedule will be up soon. Until then you can go over to the forums and rally for your favorite book boyfriends. You can even chat with other readers and discover new book boyfriends!

Also cross your fingers and hope this doesn’t break the website! HAHAH. I don’t think it will..but who knows? If something does go wrong with the Bracket Challenge, we will continue the polling to narrow down the Book Boyfriends to a Winner and we’ll put up a rafflecopter to giveaway the Prize Pack! We do have a back up plan!

Filling out your bracket shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. If you’re having issues, please feel free to comment on this post asking for help or email me

What’s in the Prize Pack so far:

Signed Swag Pack from Chloe T. Barlow, Author of Three Rivers.
 Book Boyfriend: Griffen Tate (Group 4, Seed 7).

E-Copies of Back-Up and Front & Center by Author A.M. Madden as well as a Back-Up Swag Pack!
Book Boyfriend: Jack Lair (Group 1, Seed 13).

Up For Grabs by Heather Young-Nichols eBook and bookmark!

Mixed/Surprise Swag Pack donated by Isabel @!

Prize Pack Donations:

We are looking for Authors/Book Bloggers  who are able to donate some swag, gift cards, books, ebooks or anything fun you can think of to a prize pack that will be given away to the winner at the end of the BBBR.  Anyone who can donate a prize to the prize pack will be given a shoutout (with links!) through out the rest of the battle! We’ve gotten a few things together so far but we’d like to make the prize pack super awesome! If you are interested in sponsoring a prize, please contact us! 😉

Spread the Word

Get your friends to join in on the Book Boyfriend Battle Royale BRACKET CHALLENGE! Just Copy & Paste the text below to your Facebook/Twitter!

Fan Statements

Help out your favorite Book Boyfriend and fill out this form telling us why you love him so much! Your statement may or may not be used during your favorite Book Boyfriends Match to encourage people to vote for him! Your statement can be anonymous, or you can be given credit with a link to your site (if you have one). Click here to fill out the form.

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9 responses to “Book Boyfriend Battle Royale BRACKET CHALLENGE!

  1. ShootingStarsReviews

    Oh my! That was so hard to choose from!! I feel like I let the boys down that I didn’t pick. Ugh!! 🙂 This was so much fun, thank you!

  2. SandiN

    HI, I registered, I tried to do what you asked. I find it very confusing . I never heard of any of the other boyfriends that you have and I couldn’t find a vote button. I didn’t know what to put in description. I have never heard of a bracket challenge. Sorry.

    • Yeah Brackets are a USA Basketball thing, sorry! You are essentially predicting the outcome of the Book Boyfriend Tournament by filling out a bracket. You go through and pick the book boyfriends you’ll think will win that round and so on… If you’re not sure who the book boyfriend listed is, you can look at this list of book boyfriends. The info for the book boyfriends (book/series he’s from, authors name, goodreads link, etc) competing in this tournament is all there! Also, the voting doesn’t actually start until May 1st! I hope that helps you understand it a bit more. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask. 😉 Good luck!

  3. lkirk16

    Oh holy cow! I’m having such a hard time with this! Two of my fav book boyfriends are dueling and I don’t know who to choose!

  4. abaker92

    This was a lot of fun to fill out — but also difficult and painful to pick between my favorite men — they have such complex and different personalities. I’m looking forward to viewing the results.

    One question: can you explain in more detail how the tie-breaker number for the final count works? My bracket skills are rusty. Thank you!!

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