Book Boyfriend BATTLE ROYALE Preliminary Voting

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Hey Everyone! This coming May will be our FIRST BLOGOVERSARY! In celebration of our first year in the book blog world we are going to host a BOOK BOYFRIEND BATTLE ROYALE! There’s nothing like watching a bunch of HOT & SWOONY BOYS duke it out. πŸ˜€
We’ve got around 300+ Boys listed below in four different polls. We need to get that list of book boyfriends down to just 64!
You can vote for upΒ to FIVE (5) Book Boyfriends per poll, for a total of TWENTY (20) Votes!



As of right now this book boyfriend battle will hopefully be unlike any other book boyfriend tourney you’ve participated in the past. If we can get it to work out, it will not only be a contest between book boyfriends, it will be a contest between you, the readers, as well. Β πŸ™‚
With that said, if there are any authors or book bloggers out there who would like to donate some swag or amazon/bn giftcard(s), etc to a prize pack at the end of battle royal, please CONTACT US. Anyone who sponsors a gift will be given a shout out (with links!) Β throughout the rest of the battle!

One last thing: If you could be so kind, after you’ve voted for your favorite book boyfriends will you please fill out this form or comment below stating the reasons WHY YOU LOVE YOUR CHOSEN BOOK BOYFRIENDS?

Thank you so much!

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77 responses to “Book Boyfriend BATTLE ROYALE Preliminary Voting

  1. Nicole Newman

    I voted but it isn’t showing my votes for part one. You have several of my favorites missing. I added Gideon Cross. Also there was no form to fill out.

    • Oops! The settings for the first poll were backwards. It works now, so please try again! Also Gideon has been added to the first poll. πŸ˜‰


  2. April

    Hated having to chose between the Academy boys. Also you did not include Shelly Crane’s Significance series. Who would not want Caleb.

    • Sigh. I knew I would forget some boys. I hope you took advantage of the “other” option at the bottom of poll #2 to manually enter/vote for Caleb. πŸ˜‰ thanks!

  3. flick

    didnt like choosing between the academy boys ……. love them all, and did add in the boys from her other series too

  4. Bella Carstairs (aka Maria Isabel too!)

    OMG!!!!It’s so hard to choose!!!!!!Why would you do that to me???!!! Oh. My. God!!!!! I canΒ΄t pick one…
    Hard decision


  5. Lindsay

    So difficult to choose! But I did want to point out that there are several duplicates. Colton Donovan is listed in category 1 and 3. Is this going to mess up the number of total votes?

  6. Jessica P

    Will you be combining duplicates? In the third list it looks like people didn’t thoroughly read the list and there’s FIVE options for Jamie of the Outlander series.

    • UGH. That’s drives me crazy when they don’t even look to see if the boy is listed yet before they go a head and write him in. x_O
      I do usually go through them once or twice a day to clean up that.. I’ll do it in a bit when I get some free time. THANKS!!


      • Ronda Roberts

        Thank you Erin ! Us James Fraser (Outlander) lovers were actually surprised he wasn’t already in poll 1 or 2. We got a little enthusiastic and wrote him in a few more times than necessary. I think we have it under control now. So you are planning on combining all the votes for James Fraser to the main entry and deleting the one offs?? Thanks big fun for us rabid fans!

  7. Jrt

    I added Matthew Sky from Night Owl by M. Pierce twice, but haven’t seen him added to the list yet. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong…

    • Kellan Kyle is there! He’s in the first poll. πŸ˜‰ The first two polls are in Alphabetical Order, so you should find him under the K’s. πŸ˜‰

  8. Stephanie

    Maybe there are more.. but I noticed that one of my favorite, Jake Wethers from “The Mighty Storm”, appears in the 3rd poll, but he doesn’t appear in the results..
    Thank you for this poll, it’s fun to reply πŸ™‚

  9. Fran

    I voted for Ryder De Danann of the Fae Chronicles by Amelia Hutchins earlier but I no longer see him on the list. There are others trying to vote and add him but they aren’t able to.

  10. Rachel

    Demitri Belikov all the way! Who wouldn’t want someone so fiercely devoted to protecting people and yet so affectionate at home?

  11. Jackie Evans

    No doubt others have pointed out that there are a few duplicate names. However I like everything from Urban Fantasy to Romance so my choices go from vampires, shifters to a cops husband but they are all me that in the end would go the extra mile to protect their partners.

  12. Lisa

    There are several book bfs I have not read. I voted for the ones that were well written and who I fell in love with right away.

  13. Ruth Gutscher

    I love my choices because they are diverse characters in every way.. they are good guys only wanting to protect their own.. Alpha males in their own right.. and I do love Alpha males …

  14. Maggie

    Jamie Fraser is such a long term book boyfriend, I have to pick him. I have known him since 1991 and he just gets better over time.

    And really – no character from any of the Jude Deveraux books? I’ve got lots of favorite Taggert and Montgomery book boyfriends.

  15. Poll 1 was by far the hardest for me. I had a super hard time narrowing to 5! Even with all the Academy boys lumped into one! Guess all my BBFs start with the letters A-L
    Great poll though! I love it πŸ™‚

    • Hahah Thanks! Yeah I had to group the Academy Boys together cuz the fans were all “WE REFUSE TO CHOOSE!” Besides..they are a packaged deal in the books, right? bhahah.

      • haha Erin – I would of chosen just one if I had too– Kota πŸ™‚ but probably couldn’t of stopped at one so I prefer them all together as well. I already had enough time in poll 1!

  16. Cathy Leverton

    Jamie Fraser from the Outlander series written by Diana Gabaldon! He’s just, loving, kind, sincere, strong, weak in some areas…all around mans man.

  17. Toombs Badcock is the ultimate BB. Dark, a little scary, genius, tattooed, pierced, and PEARLED!!! A sweetheart and a TOTAL freak in the sheets! Who could ask for more. ((sigh))

  18. Cool idea. But where’s Rourke from the In Death series? He and Outlander’s Jamie Fraser were the first book boyfriends I thought of.

  19. It is great to see Sir Thane Davis going against such heavy competition. I love that my fans wrote him in. Gotta love awesome fans! May the best man win (but Brie and I secretly hope Sir wins!) πŸ˜‰


  20. Keisha Carpenter

    Love this Book Boyfriend Battle Royale, so many to choose from and so many to look forward to meeting!

  21. Wow! There are so many to chose from! Although I think it would have been nice to have categories (men, boys, girly-men, cheaters, sex-on-a-stick and such) lol anyway I can’t wait to see who takes the win! Ps love me some Ranger (Plum series) and Rule Archer (Rule) ❀

    • They started out in genres..but I didn’t have enough in one and too many in another.. so I gave up on it. LOL. Maybe next year we can do categories.. πŸ˜‰

      • I’ve seen it before where you the blog just pick the catagories and the people just write in who they like for each one and then you say pick top whatever to be voted on. Would defiantly be less work for you trying to figure out who to put where. Just some thoughts for next year πŸ˜‰

  22. Rosa Newport

    The bbf’s I picked are all sweet, loving and very protective of the women they love. Love that!! Who wouldn’t want a man who looks at their girl like she is the only one in the room…I know I would!

  23. am, I did not see Jude Ryder on any of the polls, not sure if I missed him or is no in there.
    could you please tell me if he is in the polls, He is on of a kind.

  24. Kelly

    Where is

    Vane – Let The Sky Fall
    Emilio – Babe In boyland
    Will – Firelight
    Cameron – CrowΒ΄s Row
    Henry – Hearth On A Chain

    Whereeee wheereeee I can’t See that’s is bad :'(

  25. Summer

    I’m so sad. I couldn’t find Cameron Hillard from Crow’s Row anywhere! Supremely shocked that no one wrote him in! :O

    Otherwise, really fun poll! I’m glad someone decided to add in Caleb J. from the Significance Series!

  26. Bridget

    There are not enough words to do justice to the perfection that is Jamie Fraser. Schooled in the fighting arts, he is able to use both arms to sword fight and wields a claymore with ease. Honorable, chivalrous, honest, faithful, a leader in the truest sense of the word, polyglot, farmer, romantic, handsome, tall, strong, well endowed (ahem)and wears a kilt like a boss. He tells Claire, his love, that he gives her the protection of his body and means it. Fights off angry mobs, villains and treacherous family members to keep her safe. Read. The. Books. Swoon!

  27. Christi Adams

    You asked why we chose the ones we did. Well, I went with only two choices total. Roarke and Ranger. Both men have that something extra, but Ranger will always be my number one choice. Who wouldn’t pick a hot guy that could spend an entire night making you forget any other man even existed. Plus, he protects the heroine while at the same time letting her be herself.
    By the way, you have Roarke listed twice in the fourth poll.

  28. Alyssa

    Please add Evan Wilke from Unteachable? He’s my all time book boyfriend and it’s too bad I can’t find him. πŸ™

  29. Lisa

    What about all the cowboys from Kelly Elliot’s series Wanted and Broken series

    Gunner Matthews is an amazing Book Boyfriend. (Gunner is from Wanted)
    Layton is from the Broken Series

  30. Maureen

    Pretty much all of Jennifer Armentrouts men, cause they are just awesome & The guys from the marked men series.

  31. El

    Why I picked the ones I picked? Well for one, I’m not into guys that are overly crying over this and that, though I will love them for the main character’s sake. So take Daemon Black (LUX series by Jennifer L. Armentrout, I voted for him because, number one: he’s completely hot (I mean, remember the chocolate chip cookie in his mouth moment?! <3 ), but also because he seems like a strong sort of guy, emotionally mentally and physically, and he loves Kat and his family and would do anything to protect them, something I can totally respect. Guess that's just my type of guy, well good luck to the top 64! Battle it out and I'll be watching! πŸ˜€

  32. There is no one listed from the Psy/Changling series by Nalini Singh so I nominate lucas and Hawk plus Riley and Drew plus there are many more.

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