My Reactions to Shark Out of Water (Grab Your Pole #3) by Jenn Cooksey

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My Reactions to Shark Out of Water (Grab Your Pole #3) by Jenn CookseyShark Out of Water by Jenn Cooksey
Series: Grab Your Pole #3
on July 29, 2013
Genres: Comedy, Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult
Pages: 450
Format: eBook
Source: Amazon, Purchased by Reviewer
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With the Amazon Bestseller Shark Bait, the first novel in the Grab Your Pole series, debut author Jenn Cooksey delivered a fun, snarky, and realistic beginning to a larger story that has found its way into the hearts of readers everywhere. Thus, many were unprepared for what was coming in the second installment of the GYP series, The Other Fish in the Sea, when Cooksey took us on a runaway roller coaster ride of emotion and solidly landed hit after hit, including a brutal sucker punch that left readers around the globe reeling.

In Shark Out of Water, the highly anticipated third installment in this humorous yet honest and real coming of age story, we delve even further into the lives of the GYP gang and many questions are sure to be answered, however, are you really ready for what lies ahead in the continuation of their adventure? Well, grab your pole and let' s find out.
Due to language and some adult content, this series may not be suitable for readers under the age of 16.

I kept track of my reactions to the book, Shark Out of Water, by Jenn Cooksey as I read. This image pretty much sums up the whole book, and if you’ve read it. You’ll totally get it.

I absolutely LOVE this series. I came across Shark Bait when I was scouring through the bowels of Amazon in September of 2012 looking for something, ANYTHING interesting to read. Finally after pages and pages of books…the (original) cover of Shark Bait caught my eye. I bought it, read it and fell in love. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read the book since..but it’s been quite a few and…and I will probably read this series many, many more times in the future.

This series is amazing. The first book, Shark Bait, in it’s entirety is told from Camie Ramsey’s point a view. The Second book, The Other Fish in the Sea, is mainly told from Camie’s POV, but every once in a while, we’ll get the POV of another female character in the story.

Now this book…in this book we experience the aftermath of what happened in TOFitS, through the POVs of all of the Male Characters, including the recently introduced Brandon. I love that we’re able to get into the minds of Tristan, Jeff, Pete and Brandon in this book. I think that being in the minds of the boys might be even more entertaining then being in the minds of the girls, including Jillian! Being that we’re in the minds of Teenage boys, this book might be even more entertaining then the previous two books in the series.

We really get to know Tristan better in this book and figure out a little bit more about why he’s the way he is. I LOVE how Tristan refers to Camie as his ‘baby’ and it seems to me that he knows that she’s the ONE on some subconscious level.

After the way The Other Fish in the Sea ended, this book ends on a much happier note and I’m scared to see what kind of shenanigans the gang is going to put us through when the Fourth book comes out..

Ok now, I have to do some bitching about something that happens in the book and it’s one huge spoiler, so if you haven’t read this book, don’t read this. 😉

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So yes that is the one thing I did not like about the book. Other than that, I enjoyed this book ver much. I can’t wait to see what Jenn has cooked up for us in the next installment of the Grab Your Pole series.


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