I amaze myself sometimes, I really do.

Someone was asking about the possibilities of having their book trailer included in a countdown timer widget. I got a little curious after that request and started messing around.. and Yes, this yes I can do this. I’m quite pleased with the results too. 🙂 Check it out below!!


Would any authors be interested in something like this to display on their site? If so, information pills please let me know! 🙂



Here is one using a video hosted on Facebook.

Here is one using a video hosted on Youtube.

Here is the same thing but with a video hosted on a server.

I’ve taken up making Flash Countdown widgets.

Recently I discovered a website that a lot of authors use to make countdown widgets for their upcoming books will be put to rest this spring. I’ve decided since that was happening that I needed to figure out how to make my own countdown widgets..AND I HAVE ALMOST succeeded. I’ve got some working countdowns now, viagra dosage but I am currently trying to find a way to make them even better.. But for now here is what I’ve got made so far! Please feel free to grab them for your own site. 🙂

To see what other countdown timers I have up & running, please check out my book blog here.

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